Looking for two fingered scrolling on my new Netbook

I just bought an Asus Eeeeeeee PC 1005HA.  Of course Asus has so many variations of each product that I actually need to be more specific and say that it’s the Eee PC 1005HA-VU1X-BK which means that it has the N270 Atom and no Bluetooth.  I hadn’t realized it didn’t come with Bluetooth but I decided not to worry.  I don’t use Bluetooth that much and I can buy a tiny tiny dongle for less than $5.

The first complaint was that the power supply connector was too loose.  It barely stayed in at all.  I couldn’t believe this was a manufacturing defect but it seemed even more incredible that it was a design defect.  Thanks to Andrew it turned out to be a discoverability problem.  One simply has to press the connector in a little harder until it clicks.

Overall the Netbook is really nice.  The keyboard is nice, the battery life is great and the screen is good enough.  I bought it for the train rides into the city, it’s so much lighter that it’s easy to think that I forgot my laptop entirely.  Oh and it works with my iPhone tethering so that it truly is a Netbook.  The hard drive came with two partitions which will make installing Ubuntu or Mac OS X such much easier.  I’ll probably try that next week.

The trackpad is fine but the Synaptics driver is making me insane.  It supports pinch for zooming but it doesn’t work in the one place I would use it all the time: Google maps.  Instead it zooms the entire browser.  The other gestures are just annoying.  I have never liked the scrolling area on trackpads and on a device as small as this it’s awful.  Even worse is Synaptics’ strange alternative to two fingered scrolling.  I was expecting the “normal” two fingered scrolling because I’d tried it out on a demo unit (slightly different SKU of course) at BestBuy.  I truly hope there isn’t a patent issue that’s preventing Synaptics from supporting two fingered scrolling.  If anyone knows how to enable this, please let me know. Update: I finally woke up and searched for synaptics two finger scroll windows (credit to google autocomplete) and found an open source utility called two-finger-scroll that does the job.

The mouse buttons are just OK.  It’s a single rocker that clicks left or right with a dead zone in the middle.  What’s annoying is that it’s not clear where the dead zone is.  I find myself using the trackpad tap more.  All things considered I’d prefer a Mac like solution of a single tap friendly pad with a two finger or control key solution for right click.  I remember at least one Netbook (a Dell?) that puts the buttons under the front corners of the trackpad thus providing just a tad more surface area.