This is one of those songs that I’ll always just love.  Tonight, courtesy once again of Boing Boing, Courtney Woolsey with her own multi-track version of this classic.

There’s lots to like with the video and Courtney.  She has a nice voice, a great smile and the playful way she performs each of the tracks fits just so.  Solo performances of harmonies aren’t new but this is the first I’ve seen as a video.

It’s also interesting to reflect upon all the magic (good and bad) behind the scenes.

The video was made by a 19 year old girl at college on a personal computer.  Think about that.  That is why I love personal computers.

The video was made available to the entire world by a single person.  Think about that too.  That is why I love the Internet.  The Internet isn’t about ABC joining it’s about personal publishing and Courtney’s wonderful unique, personal voice.

The video was published on YouTube but it could have (and may have) been published on many different video sharing sites.  Although YouTube has a strong market position, the underlying technology has become commoditized to the point where different video sharing sites have a very hard time differentiating themselves.  But, they exist anyway and that is a good thing.  If YouTube were to become the only video portal then it’s corporate overlords would be unable to help themselves.  They’d get greedy and stupid and ruin it for everyone.  Unfortunately that kind of behaviour is all too common and takes decades to fix.

The odds are good that some automated music recognition system is trying to figure out what intellectual property was used and whether to issue a DMCA takedown notice or to send YouTube the bill.  It would be a crying shame if Courtney’s voice were to be stifled by fear of a new medium and greed.  We desperately need a new approach to intellectual property.

One thought on “Lollypop

  1. Tim Hollingsworth

    I agree it is a nice vid. Check this one out: It’s very clever and also a great song, and written by a contemporary band which is good to see.

    YouTube has signed deals with various record labels. It looks like the Sony agreement would cover Courtney’s video.

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