Do something useful

As I read about the Apple’s latest acquisition I am struck by the incredible amount of useless software is being developed.  More and more software is about some entertainment, a social networking twist or a new workaround for obsolete copyright laws.

All the new software I seem to see these days is either about search, entertainment or advertising.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve been consulting in the media business but there’s no escaping that there’s a lot of money, energy and innovation in software that doesn’t really do anything useful.

I’ve been trying to create a software startup for a while now.  It’s hard.  I’ve seen a lot of bad ideas, dished up a bunch of my own and learned a lot.  One thing is clear, if I’m going to do anything it needs to be software that does something useful.

One thought on “Do something useful

  1. Khrob

    I hear you. I’m contemplating logging absolutely everything I do over a few days to try and locate areas that would benefit from software assistance.

    The question I’m trying to ask myself whenever I develop something these days is “who is my first customer going to be?”

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