A roundup of Mac tools

Over time I am gradually mastering the finer aspects of Mac OS X.  As with any system a lot of value comes from third party utilities.

One recent discovery is something called sleepwatcher.  It will automatically run ~/.sleep and ~/.wakeup as your Mac goes to sleep and wakes up.  The first application of this is the following command:

hdiutil eject /Volumes/Encrypted

This unmounts my encrypted volume.  What’s the point of an encrypted volume if it’s always available?  The act of sleeping my Mac ensures that the encrypted data is locked tight.

Another useful tool is something called DropScript that wraps a file oriented shell command to a Mac app.  I’ve used this to create the Mac equivalent of the wonderful open command.  Why do I need this?  Because Firefox, Thunderbird and Postbox all insist on maintaining their own mappings between MIME types and applications to open them.  This almost makes sense but is quite annoying when all I really want to do is to defer the decision to the Mac default.  I currently do this quite naively with the following script:

open “$*”

Looking at the manual page it’s clear that there’s opportunity for refinement.  One minor benefit is that when I need to create a new association I’m always going to the same place (~/bin/open.sh).

Finally there’s Tomboy.  Although I don’t use it all the time I like having it around.  It finally runs on the Mac although the port is somewhat simplistic so operations like copy and paste use Control-C and Control-V instead of Command-C and Command-V.

Got any cool tweaks for your Mac?