Monthly Archives: December 2009

Good luck finding good content

I recently wrote about the inevitable death of journalism.  The Washington Post sees the same thing.  Tech Crunch describes Fast Food Journalism, and Paul Kedrosky points out that Google is starting to fail.  While I’m sure PageRank has been improved and tweaked, the same basic idea applies.  How people link to a page is a more reliable indicator of the page contents than the page contents itself.  It’s the first form of crowdsourcing.  The problem is that PageRank has been repeatedly hacked.  Google tries to stay ahead and the SEO industry tries to catch up.

The days of trusting what you can read on the net are long gone.

Do something useful

As I read about the Apple’s latest acquisition I am struck by the incredible amount of useless software is being developed.  More and more software is about some entertainment, a social networking twist or a new workaround for obsolete copyright laws.

All the new software I seem to see these days is either about search, entertainment or advertising.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve been consulting in the media business but there’s no escaping that there’s a lot of money, energy and innovation in software that doesn’t really do anything useful.

I’ve been trying to create a software startup for a while now.  It’s hard.  I’ve seen a lot of bad ideas, dished up a bunch of my own and learned a lot.  One thing is clear, if I’m going to do anything it needs to be software that does something useful.